Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Calypsonians battle for spot in Calypso Monarch semi-finals

By Zaya Williams

Some calypsonians-both new and old- took the stage last night in the Calypso Monarch quarterfinals.

Twenty artistes took the Tent City stage at Julees Sweet Spot on Tanner and Cross streets last night to fight for a spot in the semi-final round of the competition.

Tonight, at the same location, another 25 artistes will also viefor one of those spots.

In the end, only about 20 of the 45 singers will make it to the semi-finals and that number will be cut down to about half for the big stage.

The successful finalists will compete against the two reigning monarchs.

In 2022, the Calypso Monarch competition took on a different format, resulting in two men being crowned and newcomers birthed into the genre.

Trevor “King Zacari” King competed in both the Social Commentary and Bacchanal categories and emerged the winner of the Social Commentary segment with the song ‘Of A Darker Hue’, copping his fifth crown.

Ge’eve placed first runner-up in the Social Commentary with ‘Small but Me Tallawah.’

Peetron placed second runner-up in the Social Commentary category with ‘Hypocrites.’

In the Bacchanal category, Tian Winter won his first calypso title.

Right behind Winter was Queen Sammie C and then Queen Thalia.

This year, the competition will revert to its old format where there will only be one King or Queen.

However, there will still be two rounds in the finals which takes place on August 4.

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