Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Young Destroyer takes home calypso monarch crown

By Zaya Williams

Last night, the vibrant atmosphere of the Calypso Monarch competition was filled with anticipation as the stage was set for a fierce battle of lyrical prowess. In a surprising turn of events, it was the young and talented Lester Jacobs, popularly known as “Young Destroyer,” who emerged victorious, claiming his first local crown and making a name for himself in the calypso world.

For decades, Lester Jacobs had been honing his skills and captivating audiences. Finally, his hard work and dedication paid off as he defeated the reigning monarch, King Zacari, in an intense competition.

Young Destroyer sang a song called ‘Simply the best’ in round one and ‘Respect Your Own,’ in round two.

His final song also secured him the award for Best Social Commentary. His powerful and thought-provoking lyrics struck a chord with the audience.

Last year’s winner, Trevor “King Zacari” King, put up a valiant effort and claimed the first runner-up position. The talented King Fiah took home the second runner-up title.

Melypnostick was recognized as the most improved artist.

This year’s Calypso Monarch competition featured a return to its traditional format, departing from last year’s dual crowning of winners. In 2022, the competition was divided into two categories: Social Commentary and Bacchanal, each showcasing the different aspects of the calypso art form.

In the Social Commentary segment, King Zacari delivered a powerful performance with his song ‘Of A Darker Hue,’ securing his fifth crown in this category. The competition was fierce, with Ge’eve claiming the first runner-up position with his song ‘Small but Me Tallawah,’ followed closely by Peetron as the second runner-up with ‘Hypocrites.’

In the Bacchanal category, the crowd was entertained by the captivating performance of Tian Winter, who claimed his first calypso title. Queen Sammie C and Queen Thalia exhibited their talent and secured the second and third positions, respectively, adding to the high level of competition and entertainment throughout the event.

Notably absent from this year’s competition was the 2022 Bacchanal King, Tian Winter, who did not participate, leaving the stage open for new talents to shine and establish their names in the calypso arena.


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