Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Community Group Concern About Moveable Houses in Lower Fort Road

By Aabigayle McIntosh


The representatives of a newly formed organization the Lower Fort Road and Adjacent Communities Group have written the government asking it to rescind to relocate chattel houses in the community.

Chattel house is a term for a small moveable wooden house 

The petition signed by around 40 members of the Lower Fort Road area, was submitted recently to Member of Parliament for St John’s City West Prime Minister Gaston Browne, St John’s Rural North MP Max Fernandez, and Health Minister Sir Molwyn Joseph.

The group members said they were quite alarmed and shocked by the recent appearance of two chattel houses on the main road leading to Fort James, a heavily trafficked tourist route.

Further inquiries, they say, indicate that houses allegedly have been moved there as part of the relocation of Booby Alley residents to accommodate the government’s modernization and beautification of the Lower North Street/Point Area.

They noted that the chattel houses lack acceptable standards for modern sewage disposal and do not conform to decades-old standards related to residential housing in the area.

“Residents are concerned that with no adherence to basic health and building standards, not only will the health of the community be threatened, but also the property values of residents’ homes would be at stake,” they wrote.

“Additionally, the government’s housing project in the area has left litter strewn on the sides of the roads and waterways clogged with material. Overall, there has been a general decline in aesthetics, issues relating to noise pollution, and an increase in untidiness, including the poor storage of construction materials”.

According to the group, “Residents envisage the Lower Fort Road neighborhood as a model, admirable community en route to the historic and popular Fort James Beach.

The community group has requested a meeting with the relevant authorities to discuss its concerns, share ideas and plans, and arrive at solutions acceptable to all parties.

“To date, as in the past, there has been no response from the government to the letter, the petition, or the request to meet,” the group stated.


  1. Mae

    These are the type of homes tourists love to see because they have strong history of the country. I don’t have a problem with Modern houses but they don’t have history. We cannot get rid of all the historical information of the country. Check the other small islands in the Caribbean and find out why they are having cruise ships all year around but not Antigua?? These small islands have a lot of historical that you can see and touch.

    • Christophine Peterson

      Help the owner to get the necessary facilities
      I think it is a nice piece of history


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