Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Nation Mourns The Death Of Centenarian Marie-Louise Lady Shoul

Tributes are pouring in following the death of Marie-Louise Lady Shoul, just over two months after celebrating her 100th birthday.

The centenarian is being remembered for playing a supporting role to her husband, John Ferdinand Shoul, affectionately called ‘Sir Ferdie’, as well as the late Sir Vere Cornwall Bird during the early years of the country’s development.

She earned a reputation for preparing sumptuous lunches, dinners and picnic outings for prospective developers, during the time of fire-hearth ovens and the nascent days of the country’s tourism.

She was also instrumental in coaching and training many carnival queen contestants at her home on Newgate Street, dubbed the centre of carnival by King Short Shirt in his tribute ‘Sir John Ferdinand’.

Marie-Louise Lady Shoul was born on April 28, 1923 in Guadeloupe and spent her formative years in Dominica, before traveling to Antigua at the age of 12.

Her subsequent marriage to Sir Ferdie bore four children: John F. Shoul Jr, Charles, Elena and David. Marie-Louise Lady Shoul is being remembered as humble, compassionate, a patriot and a woman of strong faith.

She was a committed Roman Catholic and was tireless in her encouragement of young people to be steadfast in prayer.

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  1. Steven C. Mayers.

    May Almighty God Rest Her Soul, and Continue to Bless her Effort.


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