Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Shuggy Rejects Invitation to debate Opponent

Opposition Member of Parliament for St. Mary’s South Kelvin “Shugy” Simon

By Abigayle McIntosh


Former St Mary’s Soth MP Kelvin “Shugy” Simon has flatly rejected an invitation by his rival Senator Samantha Marshall to engage in a public debate.

Marshall said on Sunday the debate aims to provide an opportunity for them to share and outline their plans and programs for the constituents, fostering transparency and enabling voters to make an informed decision.

She also added that the political landscape of Antigua and Barbuda has highlighted the importance of open discussions and the role of the people as trustees of the Constitution,” the release said.

Simon told local radio today that,” What is there to debate really Samantha has clearly not done a good job in St Mary’s South the people rejected her overwhelmingly”.

“Coming with an invitation to a debate I see it as desperate she is trying to gain back some grounds, I don’t know. The people don’t want to see Samantha anymore,”

He later added that” I don’t have the time to sit and debate with Marshall. I am staying focused and connected to my people.

Simon and Marshall will face each other once again in a pending by-election following Simon’s resignation as the incumbent due to concerns surrounding his eligibility for the post.

In the January 18th polls he defeated Marshall by almost 200 votes.

Meanwhile, a decision is to be handed down on Wednesday to determine whether the election petition case will go to trial.


  1. Anonymous National

    Good for him. Why waste time ?

  2. Mea

    After nine years she wants to lay out plants for the constituency. This woman has to be smoking the wrong weed or drinking too much of the red kool-aid. When the country was raking in billions of dollars from the CIP program she should have thought about plans and development for the area. Now the country broke she wants to layout plans. Madam, you late like yesterday. Shuggy is the man to fix what was wrong for nine years, and we want the key for the pineapple field back.

  3. R.fross

    Okay, since it’s a waste of time etc, what is your plan for the constituency.since elected you and others just haven’t made any significant contribution to say the least.

  4. Anonymous National

    Labor has made no significant progress for all these years. All of a sudden UPP is expected to makechanges immediately in the short time they have gotten the seat back. Make it make sense, pleaae!


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