Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Shugy Turns Down Second Request to Debate Marshall

ABLP Senator Samantha Marshall has made a second pitch for a debate with former UPP’s candidate for St Mary’s South Kelvin Shugy Simon after her first request was turned down.

Marshall said over the weekend that although her first request was rejected; she is willing to allow Simon to take the lead in the debate on his own terms.

“If we are putting ourselves up before a constituency, our people should be able to come here and ask us questions and also hear from us what are our plans and how we intend to address certain things. Not just from constituency level but national level”

Marshall said although Simon turned her down the first time, she is inviting him to reconsider his decision

“I am not afraid. It has to be more about a fitness jam to show your chest and show your tits. It has to be more than that…I will renew my call. Let us debate in St Mary’s South before the people. Let us share our plans and our vision…” she said.

But Simon who won the St Mary’s seat and resigned following a court battle said no such debate will take place

In an interview with Twin Island Media yesterday, Simon said the debate has no relevance.

“It was my decision. I really don’t see the relevance because the election took place in January. The people came out and voted for me and spoke overwhelmingly. Clearly, if they voted for me in that form, they are not pleased with Samantha and how she was representing. That is just the clear hard facts. It would be a waste of time,” he added

Simon said a debate would give Marshal more relevance than she deserves.

Simon and Marshall will go head-to-head in a by-election expected to take place in a few months.

PM Gaston Browne, the leader of the ABLP, has said his party is making preparations for an upcoming by-election. There has been heavy campaigning by both political parties in that constituency

The ABLP and the UPP are confident that their candidates will emerge victorious.


  1. Mae

    What she wants to hear the man plans to steal them? His plans are the plans of the people so she need to go ask the people what they would love to see done in St Mary’s South.

  2. Anonymous


  3. Teacher For Life

    A debate is indeed irrelevant because talk is cheap. Samantha had numerous years to show and tell her plans to the constituents and the nation at large but she failed. Time’s up for her…Bring in Shaggy and ,by extension, new possibilities.

  4. Teacher For Life


  5. Mary

    Samantha have heard the cries of the people for over 9 years in St Mary’s South and she never did anything to develop the areas. All she and her top dog boss did are going around handing out brown paper bags with labor party T-shirts and a few dollars. The people in St Mary’s South doesn’t want that, they need development and with development they will able to create better life for themselves and family. Samantha, put the infrastructure in place for the people.


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