Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Man Sentenced to 4 Months in Prison After Stealing Cheese for Woman

By Zaya Williams


Natakie Shevington has been sentenced to four months imprisonment for stealing a tin of cheese.

One of the factors that led to what appears to be an excessive sentence is the fact that Shevington is a habitual thief.

The man stole the cheese worth almost $60 from Christos Supermarket on High Street on May 16.

The owner of the establishment called the police and reported that she observed the defendant coming into the supermarket, taking the item, and leaving.

The next day, police met him at a station and told him of the allegations before charging him with larceny.

On Wednesday, he begged Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh for “a chance” but the Magistrate recalled that he is often in the court for similar crimes.

“I am afraid to let him loose this carnival,” she remarked.

The man then explained that he stole the cheese to take to “a gyal for she two pickney.”

“She kinda sick. She has a bad foot. She not working,” he said in dialect.

His excuse was not acceptable so he was sent to prison for four months.

His last words were “I know I do plenty bad but me do more good than bad.”


  1. Earlyn Gwenneth Huggins

    I am so sorry for person stealing for survival

  2. Pray4Anu

    Yes, it is sad that the country is in such a position that people feel like they have to steal to survive.

    On the flip side, some are living large with Gov perks … #nepotism.


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