Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Dowlin Walks Out of Immigration in Dominica and Heads to His South City Home

After police in Antigua and Barbuda detained Dominican businessman Dolwin Alexander for over 48 hours, the well-known South City resident walked out of the Douglas Charles Airport moments ago and is reportedly on his way home

The popular businessman has been named in a number of illegal activties. However he has never been arrested for any of the allegations.

He was placed on a Flight to Dominica from V.C Bird International Airport after detention in Antigua following an Interpol notice for illicit activities

“The man just came off the flight and walked through immigration like everyone else and is on his way home. Dominica is not a real place,” a source at the airport reported

Social media users have been outraged after they heard that Dolwin was placed on a flight back to Dominica scheduled to leave Antigua at 4:45 pm.

“If he comes back to Dominica then home free. Police are afraid of him and others are his friends…Once he lands here then that’s it” someone said on Facebook.

Dowlin returned to Dominica voluntarily and would have faced deportation from Antigua if he did not.

It is now left to the Dominican authorities to determine how to proceed with this matter.

Apparently, they have either left it for later or forgotten about it altogether

Our newsroom will continue to track the developments.


  1. Corruption cop

    People needs to … … … … …

  2. Preserve Justice

    Could there be a Dominica/Antigua connection in international crime? We are still waiting on some movement in another Interpol case in which an Indian businessman was kidnapped and taken to Dominica.


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