Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Water bills to increase once round-the-clock distribution is achieved

SOURCE : News Co Ltd

Water rates paid by consumers to the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) are expected to increase to reflect the costs and investments associated with water production. This rise is set to occur after the goal of 24/7 water distribution to residents is achieved.

The approximate timeline to achieve this goal is next year, according to Ian Lewis, the Water Business Unit Manager who spoke to media after a walkthrough of the Fort James reverse osmosis plant on Monday.

Anazette Reynolds, APUA’s Corporate Communications Officer, told Observer yesterday of the reasons why the eventual increase in the water rates is necessary.

“The previous rates are attached to when we had ground and surface water. That’s no longer the case. So, water at this time, they are operating at a total loss. They are being subsidised by electricity and telecoms,” she stated.

Reynolds also explained why water production via reverse osmosis is expensive.

“Ever so often, you have to replace filters, membranes and all that, and those are costly, and the plant utilises electricity…a lot of energy,” she added.

The increase in water rates will allow for the production of water by the utilities authority to be sustainable.

“The water rates will not be a high profit margin but more a break-even just to be able to maintain itself,” Reynolds said.

Public Utilities Minister Melford Nicholas said a public consultation regarding the increase in the rates will be held in the future.

According to Reynolds, the last increase in water rates was January 1 1993.

Meanwhile, another plan in the pipeline is for the complete migration to smart metering.

“Currently, within the Water Business Unit they are using some meters that are mechanical meters… they do go bad. They will go bad because of high pressure, and in-line debris (particles of stone and sand),” Reynolds explained.

She added that the transition will allow for more efficient billing, the assessment of water usage based on the stats, and the elimination of water meter tampering.


  1. Chubby

    We can rest assured that will never happen because 24/7 water is a dream!!!

    • White rabbit

      I think they meant once they have achieved the country’s demand. Ain’t nooooooo way apua gonna have water flowing to my home 24/7. Noooo fkn way that possible.
      Pipe always buss. Wata golden. Vitz tap run in a pump data good. Ruff seas.

      Maybe for next election we will see a increase in the water supply like last election but that’s it.

    • The Punisher

      Yeah right. Round the clock air in the pipe is more like it. With Antigua’s 19th century infrastructure this is beyond a “pipe” dream (pun intended). Fire this useless management and tief 50% less dear gouvernement so a comprehensive overhaul of the water infrastructure can be financed.

  2. Teacher For Life

    It would be lovely having water 24-7, but I’m not holding my breath. If that dream does become a reality, however, I am sure consumers will not object to a reasonable rate hike although it is my opinion that we should be given a credit for all the suffering we have endured due to the current state of affairs.

  3. John public

    According to Anazette Reynolds, APUA’s Corporate Communications Officer, water is being subsidised by electricity and telecoms. So we are already paying for the water that we are not getting through these means, so how they expect to give a further increase in water billing. We bin always suffering from water unavailability. This will never be fixed. Another failed experiment, PM words.

  4. Hallelujah Amen

    Almost all my adult life water department always operates at a lost and because APUA is a monopoly electricity and telecoms always subsidised water productions, distribution and operations .Antigua people don’t let these people fooled us APUA is a cash cow for this administration . Note hotels and other huge business owed APUA millions but are not disconnected for those outstanding money but you the poor ones will be disconnected for $50 thats two months bill at the minimum rate.
    Its the poor population that keeps APUA in business


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