Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Ian Hughes to be appointed Supervisor of Elections

By Abigayle McIntosh


The suggestion by the Supervisor of the Election Lorna Simon for a possible successor will be among the matters discussed when the next parliamentary session convenes on July 25th.

Simon officially retired from the civil service back in May being the longest-serving public servant to date.

Prior to her departure in February, she disclosed that current HR and Training Officer Ian Hughes would be her choice for a replacement, however, the ultimate decision will be left up to parliament.

Hughes, the Assistant to the Supervisor of Elections, has been in the role since 2003 and has represented Antigua and Barbuda overseas. He also led a Caricom election observation mission to the Bahamas in 2021.

During the post-Cabinet press conference, Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Lionel Max Hurst revealed that at the next Parliamentary session, they will be appointed Ian Hughes.

He said this is critical in order to facilitate the pending by-election.

“The replacement of the Supervisor of Elections is a necessary act and so the Parliament will undertake that as first and foremost. There is some question as to whether or not by that time we will be free and clear to pass the legislation that will allow us to cause the Alfa Nero to move to a new owner.

“As you know because of lawsuits the Alfa Nero has not been passed onto the man who has indicated his willingness to purchase for US$67.7 million,” Hurst added.

As it relates to news of a possible appeal to the litigation that paved the way for the sale of the superyacht, Hurst stated that this may affect any decision of the Parliament.

“The prime minister will no doubt report on it when statements by ministers are allowed in Parliament”.

The Chief of Staff stated further that other matters of national importance will also be tabled for discussion.


  1. Chubby

    Well deserved appointment for Mr. Hughes. Good man with good heart and mind and a decent human being. 100% approved!

  2. Trevor Heads

    Mr. Ian. S. Hughes

    Sir, I write to extend our family’s warmest congratulations to you on your significant appointment.

    Among other things, it serves as a motivator to young nationals, that dedication, commitment, academic development, and empowerment bear fruits!!🍒 🍑

    Continue to multiply your faith in Almighty God, by giving Him thanks and praises for everything in life.

    Glory Hallelujah!!🙏👑🏆✨😍

    • AAB

      My Son I am HAPPY for you AND I am Praying for You and THE SPACE You will be Occupying!

      This will Not Be A Walk in the Park! I TRUST your INTEGRITY! God be PRAISED!!!!! Peace! 🌻😇


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