Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Senate approves the appointment of Ian Hughes as Supervisor of Elections.

The Senate has approved the appointment of Ian Hughes to the position of Supervisor of Elections.

Senators from both sides gave their full support when the matter was brought up on Wednesday.

Hughes replaces long-serving civil servant Dame Lorna Simon and his first task will be the upcoming by-election in St. Mary’s South.
Leader of government business in the Senate, Senator Samantha Marshall moved the moving and commended Hughes for his work.

“By constitution on Election Day we all look to the Supervisor of Elections to ensure that it is all done fairly, freely and in the most democratic way that is expected”.

United Progressive Party Senator Shawn Nicholas said she has known Hughes for some time indicating that he is not just a colleague, but a personal friend.

“In his capacity as Human Resource and Training Officer for the Electoral Commission and I as General Secretary of my party, we have reasons on many occasions to remain in contact to ensure the greatest good is achieved at all times,” Marshall said.


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