Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Team Antigua Island Girls is almost at the finish line

Team Antigua Island Girls has less than 400 nautical miles more to go before crossing the finish line in Hawaii.

In the latest update, the team noted the distance left to row and also extended an invitation to nationals who may be planning to journey to Hawaii to witness their arrival.

They are among several teams competing in the inaugural Pacific Challenge.

Team Kiwi Fondue has claimed the title of overall winner and world record holder.

The other teams crossing the finish line so far include Team Pacific Discovery, Team Ohana, and Pacific One.

If Team Antigua Island Girls continues on their current path, they should be in Hawaii sometime on Saturday. This is the second water challenge for the team members Samara Emanuel, Kevinia Francis and Christal Clashing.

They along with fellow team member Elvira Belle completed the 3,000-mile row from La Gomera in the Canary Islands to Nelson’s Dockyard in 47 days, eight hours and 25 minutes.

They made history as the first all-female Caribbean team to complete the gruelling Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge and the first all-black team to row across the Atlantic.

This time around they are raising funds to establish a home for girls in conflict with the law. Donations can be made via their gofundme page, the Caribbean Union Bank account number 20004631 or by contacting their support team at 736-6068.


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