Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Man Fined For Causing Dogs to Attack Woman and Child

By Zaya Williams


A man learned a valuable lesson this week when he was fined for causing his dogs to viciously attack a woman and her granddaughter.

In 2022, a couple, Glen and Shermain Prosper, were charged with causing their three dogs to attack, failing to register their dogs, failing to microchip their dogs, causing the dogs to run at large, and causing their dogs to worry two individuals.

But Glen took the wrap, freeing his wife of the charges.

Earlier this week, he was fined $250 for causing his pets to worry the complainants, $100 for not registering the dogs, and another $100 for causing them to run at large.

He was however reprimanded and discharged for failing to microchip the dogs.

Although the fines may seem small, with the complainant’s lawyer intending to make an application in the High Court, Glen may also have to compensate the victim for their injuries.

The incident in question occurred on December 5 2022 when the complainant and her six-year-old granddaughter were walking through Lightfoot.

They were attacked by three dogs who bit them on their body before residents came to their rescue

Upon investigating the matter, the police saw video footage of a woman leaving her property with the gate open an hour before the incident.


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