Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Police warn the public against complacency during the carnival season


By Zaya Williams

Carnival is seen as a time to let loose and have fun but the season will be better enjoyed with minimum incidents of crime.

The police have already started to ramp up efforts to mitigate against criminal activity during the season but there are only so much the authorities can go.

So as the Caribbean’s greatest summer festivals looks to start in a week, the police are warning residents against getting too comfortable.

The head of the constabulary Atlee Rodney speaking on state media said: “This is a time for festival and some persons can get a little complacent and go a little over board. The over use of alcohol, the overuse of drugs or those kinds of things can affect your reasoning and you can find yourself in some difficult situations so we want to ask persons to be responsible for their self.”

“We have seen too many times persons are lurking and then grab persons bag because they have exposed large sums of money and we are asking persons to be careful with that,” Rodney added.

The Commissioner also urged residents to avoid using ATMs at night.

He said: “As convenient as the ATM’s we are still encouraging persons to use it during daylight or with some form of company but one person going to an ATM at some weird hours creates and opportunity for someone who did not plan to rob you but see it as an opportunity.”

Rodney also offered advice to home owners saying, “Make sure you leave some outside lights on, if you have an alarm system make sure that it is activated.”

And to persons who will not be participating in the festivities he asked that they be their neighbour’s keeper by reporting any suspicious activity.


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