Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

The outgoing UWIFIC Principal speaks glowingly about the achievement of the nearly 5-year-old institution

The outgoing Principal of the University of the West Indies Five Islands Campus Professor Densil Williams has asserted that he is proudly leaving the campus in a space that “take off” is the only place it can go.

He also stated that financially the campus is in good shape and is one of the very few campuses within the UWI architecture that has a strong balance sheet, strong profit and loss, and a strong cash flow system.

“This is a very good sign for the campus and we are hoping that it remains so in the years to come. I think all in all we are seeing a campus that is on the move, on the rise, and campus that is going to make tremendous strides in Antigua and Barbuda”, said the academic.

Williams, who is preparing to depart Antigua for Jamaica, went on to had that most of the key objectives that were outlined for the fourth landed campus have been achieved so far.

“The first one was the expansion of the campus which is critical, so we are on the cusp of getting that done we have put all the infrastructure in place to get that done. The second was the expansion of the programmatic offering as well. We said we wanted a bachelor’s Programme, Masters’ and Lifelong learning, and short courses all of those things we have achieved as well.

“We have also set out to increase or improve the collaboration or interaction with the campus and the business community. This has manifested itself in our public advocacy series, and a number of distinguished lectures. We have also interacted with the public sector instead of hosting events,”

Professor Williams is departing Antigua after spending 3 years in Antigua as principal of the Five Island Campus.

As of August 1, he will assume the role of principal of the Mona Campus in Jamaica.

He succeeds Pro Vice-Chancellor and Campus Principal Professor Dale Webber, who resumes teaching and research duties as a marine biologist after July 31, 2023.

The UWI said Professor Williams, has built a career in business and academia for over 22 years.


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