Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Rotarians Deliver on Another Successful Event

By Aabigayle McIntosh


A fete for a cause, one that caters to a mature audience is what the Antigua Rotary Club promises year after, and on Saturday night that promise was signed, sealed, and delivered once more.

The charity fete Colours carries a unique theme each year setting the tone for the audience to follow.

This year’s theme was Fire and Ice and the venue Barnacle Point did come alive with all the relevant colors depicting either hot or cold or both.

The patrons also stayed true to the theme as they were dressed in different variations creating a kaleidoscope of colors.

From the drive to get to the venue, it was clear a lot of thought and organization went into the planning of this year’s event.

Police and others were on hand to guide you in terms of parking, shuttle was also made available for people who opt not to take advantage of the opportunity to pay for closer parking.

After clearing security and receiving your party band each patron was greeted with their choice of wine served in an extraordinary barrel shape cup, which will make an exceptional souvenir for years to come.

The tone and the mood of the party were set by the talented DJs who played hit after hit for the mature audience who were dancing away or chit-chatting with friends in the environment which include seating and lounging areas and cocktail tables as well.

Food at the Colours was also abundant, giving everyone a bellyful and their $250 worth of experience.

The icing on the cake was the riveting performance from Ricardo Drue, who brought the fire, and the Winter man himself Tian Winter, who in name and nature brought the Ice.

Both artists delivered captivated the audience with hit songs from their very extensive catalog.

In between performances Drue also took the time to promote Drue’s Day which comes up on August 1.

Another major event he spoke of was a face-off dual between and Winter on July 28th.

The Colours Fete, an annual fundraiser for the Rotary Club, has attracted over 1,200 patrons including members, patrons, and corporate donors in the past.

Monies raised during this event are used to fund the club’s various community events for the poor and vulnerable.

As per usual, the club will deliver its own post-mortem in the coming days.


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