Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

A&B Safe from UK Visa Requirement Says, PM Browne

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has said that Antigua and Barbuda is safe from UK Visa requirements.

In news that shocked the Caribbean, the UK announced last week that they were imposing visa requirements on neighboring island Dominica in response to concerns about Dominica’s CBI scheme

There were concerns that the same would apply to the twin island states and other CIP-issuing countries

However, Browne brushed aside that suggestion in Parliament yesterday. He is also of the view that the latest decision will not affect Antigua and Barbuda’s CBI program

“The United Kingdom has introduced what is called the Electronic Travel Authorization that is required of all countries outside of the United Kingdom to include the United States, and Antigua and Barbuda is no exception.

“It is literally not quite a visa; it is a pre-screening arrangement in which requests for visas are made online within sufficient time,” he said.

Browne responded to questions by the Opposition on the matter

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament for Barbuda Trevor Walker questioned Browne on whether the latest move could impact the program.

“We do not anticipate any reduction and, as I have said, it is not a visa requirement, it is what is called an ETA… and even our CIP citizens will be eligible for access into the United Kingdom under the ETA,” Prime Minister Browne said.

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  1. Mae

    Yes, we are safe but for how long, Mr PM?


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