Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Woman Sustained Eight-Centimeter Wound After Falling in Drain During T-Shirt Mas

A young woman who fell into a drain during T-Shirt Mas was left with an 8-centimeter wound that required stitches.

The drain cover was damaged causing the woman’s leg to get trapped. The exposed iron slashed the woman’s leg, causing profuse bleeding.

The woman took to social media after the unfortunate injury, expressing frustration with the drains and culverts in the city.

She was treated at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center and discharged.

Following the incident, residents expressed frustration about the poor state of roads in St Johns.


  1. White rabbit

    Sjdc is responsible for the upkeep of st John’s?
    Can a case be made ?

  2. Isis Terrell

    This islands are all failed states

  3. Bridget Luke

    Good afternóon it is quite a number of years the city is in a deplorable state and i cant understand for heaven why the prime minister doing tourism have that kind of destruction going on people lives it is terrible

  4. Anonymous

    Our city stinks the smell is so unbearable in the gutters they don’t care I wonder when we are going to get things right


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