Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Man who attacked elderly man jailed for 3 months

​By Zaya Williams


A 27-year-old will be serving three months behind bars for attacking an elderly man and wounding him

Juwan John-Baptiste of Willikies admitted to charges of unlawful wounding and throwing missiles in a disturbing altercation.

The elderly complainant, who relies on a walking stick for mobility, found himself at the center of the altercation while socializing at a local bar.

The defendant was sitting under a nearby tree with friends of the elderly man when for some unknown reason the defendant came up to the bar, grabbed the victim’s walking stick and began throwing stones at him.

It resulted in him behind struck in the face and injured.

This was not the first time that John- Baptiste found himself facing charges related to violence against the same complainant. A few months prior, he had been convicted of wounding the same elderly man.

The elderly man told the court that he lives in fear of the defendant and believes he is being targeted by John-Baptiste because he is the most vulnerable.

He went on to tell the court that the blows from the stones caused him to be spitting blood.

The defendant could not provide the court with a proper explanation for his behaviour.

He was sentenced to three months imprisonment for wounding and was ordered to keep the peace for 18 months after his release or face a further three months imprisonment.

He also has to undergo one year on probation or face another three months behind bars.

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  1. Teacher For Life

    It’s more to this than meets the eye. Who in their right mind is going to target a disabled elderly without cause? Maybe said elderly did something inappropriate at some point to the defendant who is just too ashamed to tell it?


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