Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Petty theft lands a repeat offender behind bars

By Zaya Williams


A man by the name of Eustace Lovell found himself facing the consequences of his actions as he was sentenced to prison for the theft of 18 five-gallon water bottles from a local restaurant.

While the stolen items themselves may seem inconsequential, Lovell was noted to have an extensive rap sheet.

The defendant committed the crime on July 7, on Tanner Street.

He absconded with 18 valuable five-gallon water bottles from the Gullsea restaurant worth $540 in total.

Lovell was observed on camera hurling the bottles over the boundary and making his escape.

The restaurant owner, alerted by a timely cellular notification, swiftly turned to the CCTV cameras and witnessed the thief in action, leaping over barriers and making off with his water bottles.

Lovell was later interrogated by law enforcement. He admitted to pilfering the water bottles, asserting that they were intended for his personal use. However, none of the stolen bottles were recovered.

The man told the Magistrate that he was attempting to change and begged for leniency but his statements sounded all-to -familiar.

The court then made a decision to send him to prison for five months.


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