Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Repeat offender returns to prison after brief freedom

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By Zaya Williams


Charles Livingstone, just released from a 9-month sentence, has been incarcerated again.

Barely a month after being granted freedom, 38-year-old Livingstone, who had served time for damaging his mother’s home, broke into a Clare Hall home.

On December 30, shortly after his release, Livingstone broke into a woman’s residence in Clare Hall, making away with items valued at $1545, including a television, a transformer, and a glow box.

Responding to a reported break-in, officers from the rapid response unit swiftly apprehended Livingstone on the scene, caught with the stolen items.

An investigation revealed that he had broken a lock on a metal gate and damaged a glass window to gain entry to the residence.

Given his history of similar offenses, Livingstone, a familiar face to the court, received a 12-month prison sentence for his latest transgressions.


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