Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

“Antiguans Antsy About Africans but not the Shawarma Kartels”…Ambassador Joseph

Ambassador, Davin Joseph, has denied accusations of accepting money from Nigerians who arrived on Air Peace’s flight last Saturday to provide them with special treatment.

Reports from an online newspaper suggested that an ambassador took money to permit some Nigerians to stay in Antigua.

However, Joseph dismissed these claims, stating that irresponsible journalism can harm the nation.

During an interview with Twin Island Media, he highlighted the importance of verifying news before publishing it.

Joseph also expressed concern about the negative portrayal of black people’s success and the stigma around African visitors in Antigua.

He believes that people should focus on the achievements of individuals rather than their shortcomings and not discriminate against any specific ethnic group.

“We need to look at the success of people instead of failures. We are antsy about Africans but not about other ethnic persons out there. Some of them are encircling Antigua with Shawarma and fast-food shops. They came here as visitors, and they stay and have almost like a Kartel when it comes to fast-food giving to us, and we all say they work hard. But let a black person from Africa come to Antigua, and all hell breaks loose,” he said



Prime Minister Gaston Browne has provided an explanation for why some passengers on the Air Peace flight were detained.

Four individuals had been granted visas on a previous visit to Nigeria but were not accepted upon arrival this time.

Immigration officials detained these individuals out of caution. When the flight was about to depart, officials were informed that some passengers intended to transit to Suriname, a place known for transit to the US.

The flight was stopped and those individuals were rounded up.

“When the flight was departing, we were told that there were several of them who were going to transit to Suriname, so instructions were given to stop the flight because Suriname is a typical area where they transit and go into the US. We thought it would have been a repeat, so we gave instructions to round them up”, he said

As of Thursday, there were 13 individuals on the island, but most had visas for entry into other countries.

The trip was considered successful and government officials and business people were on board.

“From all indications, it was a successful trip. We also had many government officials on the flight and business people. We hosted a business session with them, and I am certain we will get some serious investments, including hotel investments…” Browne said

A business session was held and investments, including hotel investments, are expected.

The government also talked with a businessman who is interested in establishing a pharmaceutical manufacturing factory in Antigua.

The government plans to operate weekly flights between Nigeria and Antigua and Barbuda.


  1. Mae

    Only God alone can tell me that this monster whose picture is shown in this article didn’t take money from these Africans. He is doing what his top dog master said, “taking advantage of the opportunity at hand to enrich himself.” If I see this man at night I will run he looks scary 👻 in the picture.

  2. White rabbit

    Don’t blame us if we cry down Africans. How many scam calls do we get from the sharwama nation?

    How many sharwama nation people are detained and deported?

    How many nationals from the sharwama nation come here and skidaddle to the USA?

    How many people from the sharwama nation are detained with fake passports and then accuse ambassadors of scamming them. ?

    Jesus. If it look like a spade and it can be used as a spade . Is priced as a spade and is used as a spade. Gaston go tell u is a fork.

  3. Audley Phillip

    That’s a low blow to the Syrians and Lebanese amongst us. I totally agree with the ambassador that we adopt a different standard with them as we do with black migrants, but it is a direct reflection of the government policies and he cannot blame the citizens. Syrians and Lebanese come here as visitors and in two weeks time you see them walking around selling as “megoman” or opening a stores in St. John’s. They are the only nationalities in the world with such free passes in Antigua, thanks to government policy. It’s not the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda that allows it. It’s the government. Jamaicans, Guyanese, citizens of the Dominican Republic and others are all roughed up if they try that stunt. Place the blame where it should.

  4. Love The Motherland

    Not even black people like black people, shame on us.


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