Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Dominica’s newest medical university opens its doors.

The American Canadian School of Medicine in Dominica has officially commenced classes with the enrollment of nine students from all over the world for the 2023 academic year.

The Picard Portsmouth campus held a white coat ceremony on August 13, welcoming students into the medical field.

ACSOM aims to provide an exceptional education experience for current and future students.

ACSOM seeks to elevate healthcare standards in Dominica and beyond. The school has strong social commitment and accreditations from internationally recognized agencies.

President Casey James expressed gratitude to the Dominican government for their support, and assured the inaugural class of excellent education and experiences.

“Dominica has proven to be an exceptional location for medical education for decades. Dominica’s healthcare system has provided medical students with many of their first and most impactful experiences as student learners.”

The Dean stressed that ACSOM fosters a student-centered environment where innovation flourishes and the practice of medicine is elevated to an art that transcends science.

“As you step into this beautiful campus, you become part of a legacy that stretches back through time, an unbroken chain of healers, pioneers, and advocates of human wellness. But remember, you’re not merely inheritors of this legacy. You are its torchbearers.

“It’s your responsibility to add your chapters to this ever-evolving story, to push the boundaries of medical knowledge, and to redefine the limits of compassionate care,” Dr Ahmadi added.


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