Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

New Primary School Opens Its Doors

Kisma Panthier-Jean Pierre, a teacher with almost 20 years of experience, is the principal of Mill Academy.

The school will focus on innovative educational approaches, teaching foreign languages, and introducing subjects not usually taught in primary schools.

It will cater to students from kindergarten to Grade Six and concentrate on subjects such as coding and robotics, agriculture, sustainability, journaling, and other areas that promote critical thinking. Students will also learn Spanish, French, and Mandarin.

Mill Academy aims to help students become well-rounded individuals with a strong sense of self-awareness and the potential to achieve their goals.

The curriculum is integrated with field trips and other experiences used to teach history, social studies, and math.

Initially, Mill Academy will have eight students and ten teachers. However, Jean- Pierre is confident that the school’s unique approach to education will attract more parents, leading to more enrollments.

Jean Pierre is an innovative teacher who previously gained recognition for her online teaching at All Saints Secondary School.

She also partnered with a former engineer from SpaceX to teach robotics at a summer school, where students-built rockets and launched them into the air.

The unique approach to education at Mill Academy is likely to attract more students in the future.


  1. Teacher

    A great perspective on primary Education. Time to move away from the industrial model we’ve become accustomed to. Could you tell us the Location please?

  2. Steven C. Mayers

    The news is encouraging, but the information is lacking.
    No address given.
    No means of contacting them. Neither E-mail nor Phone number.
    You could very well be discussing an imaginary school.


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