Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Loved Ones of Mannie James Reach Quarter of Fundraising Goals

Mannie James

The organizers of the GoFundMe profile to assist with the burial of Mannie James is nowhere near their target but making strides.

James is the jet ski operator killed during a shooting incident involving the police late last month.

Family and friends are trying to meet a target of USD$2500 and have raised USD$650 so far.

A message on the profile reads that the funds raised will contribute to the eventual funeral costs and provide vital support for his children in the upcoming months.

The 45-year-old Bendals man was shot dead on Monday, July 31, during a high-speed chase with the police during a routine stop-and-search operation on Lauchland Benjamin Drive.

According to witnesses, James was shot as he tried to escape on foot while the vehicular pursuit concluded.

The police have revealed that a coroner’s inquest has been commissioned to ensure complete transparency and called for the public’s support throughout the process.

“His unwavering dedication to bringing joy and laughter to all he encountered created a legacy that will forever live on in our hearts. We are coming together to support Manny’s children during these challenging times as a community. The funds raised will not only contribute to the eventual funeral costs once the investigation is complete but will also provide vital support for his children in the upcoming months”, the GoFundMe organizer wrote.

 “Let’s rally around this cause to ensure that Manny’s children can find strength and stability during this difficult period. Please consider donating, big or small, to help us provide the care and assistance that Manny’s children need. Every contribution will make a meaningful impact, helping to ease the financial burden they now face.”

James’ family and friends held a beachside vigil at Jolly Beach yesterday to honor his life.

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  1. Bridget Luke

    What happen to the goverment that kill he, let them do something about mannie,it is a disgrace from pit of hell and to those who shoot to kill


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