Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Ðeep Blue to be featured in Toronto next month

By Zaya Williams

The global cinematic spotlight will shine on Antigua and Barbuda as a lineup of captivating films, including “Deep Blue,” the fifth creation by Hama Films Antigua, prepares to captivate audiences at the upcoming Canadian film festival, COMMFFEST.

Scheduled to run from September 15th to 22nd, the festival will feature a diverse selection of films, with a strong representation from the dynamic filmmaking community of Antigua and Barbuda.

COMMFFEST, renowned for presenting an eclectic array of local and international films that delve into pressing societal issues, will host these cinematic gems that shed light on regional and global perspectives.

Among the standout entries is “Deep Blue,” a film written and directed by Howard Allen and produced by his wife, Mitzi Allen.

The narrative follows the tumultuous journey of a love-struck architect ensnared in a clash with an unyielding Canadian marine biologist. The protagonists hold divergent viewpoints about a luxury resort project that threatens the livelihoods of a close-knit fishing community and the fragile marine ecosystem that sustains it.

Recognized as the Eastern Caribbean’s most prolific filmmakers, the artistic duo of Howard and Mitzi Allen will be in attendance for the Canadian screening of “Deep Blue.” Set for 7:30 pm on Saturday, September 16th, the film’s viewing will be followed by an engaging Q&A session, facilitated by journalist and cultural influencer Sharon Gordon.

The Antigua & Barbuda Showcase at COMMFFEST will kick off with a captivating prelude at 3:30 pm. Emerging filmmaker Lawson Lewis will present “Redonda: Road to Recovery,” delving into the compelling journey of the island’s rehabilitation.

The showcase will continue with “Yemoja’s Anansi,” a unique short film by Chrystal Clashing. This creation unveils the story of an African water goddess and a young enslaved African, artfully depicted through a danced interpretation of Clashing’s own short story.

Antigua Film Academy, fostering emerging talent within the island’s filmmaking landscape, will contribute to the showcase with a captivating short film from one of its students.


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