Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Expert Tips for a Smooth Back-to-School Experience

As the summer season draws to a close, parents and guardians are busily wrapping up their last-minute shopping endeavors to gear up for the upcoming school year.

With each academic term’s commencement, parents and children face an array of considerations.

Dr. Shivon Belle Jarvis, Head of the Pediatrician Department at a local hospital, has generously shared insights designed to facilitate a seamless return to Preschool, Primary, and Secondary Education.

Dr. Belle Jarvis underscores the significance of wellness checks, emphasizing that an annual assessment is pivotal to a child’s health regimen.

Ideally conducted on the child’s birthday or, at the latest, before the start of school, these check-ups offer an opportunity to monitor the child’s developmental progress.

“We want to see them when they are well, so having a wellness check is ideal. This helps us track the child’s development; if there are concerns, it gives us time to work on possible solutions.

Dr. Belle Jarvis explains that these assessments are especially practical when administered during periods of wellness, enabling early intervention if any concerns arise.

Dr. Belle Jarvis stresses the enduring importance of personal hygiene practices within the educational environment.

She reiterates the need for continued vigilance in terms of sanitization and frequent handwashing, even as the pace of the COVID-19 pandemic slows. Furthermore, she implores parents not to send their ailing children to school, recognizing the potential risk of contagion to other students.

Immunization emerged as a critical topic in Dr. Belle Jarvis’ guidance. She notes that some parents overlook the prerequisite of full vaccination for school admission.

Dr. Belle Jarvis acknowledges that school administrators should also share responsibility in ensuring that complete immunization records are meticulously reviewed during registration.

Establishing healthy eating habits is another focal point of Dr. Belle Jarvis’ recommendations. Encouraging parents to craft nutritious and well-rounded meals, supplemented by ample servings of fruits and water, Dr. Belle Jarvis promotes the cultivation of balanced dietary practices. Moreover, she addresses the importance of sleep patterns, advocating for the transition from late-night routines to earlier bedtime hours.

As parents gear up to usher their children back into the classroom, Dr. Belle Jarvis underscores the value of mental preparation. She encourages parents to motivate and support their children, aiding them in embracing the return to academic settings with enthusiasm and readiness.


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