Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Veteran Counselor and Educator Stresses Ongoing Parental Support Throughout a Child’s School Journey

In a recent interview with state media, Andrea Airall, a seasoned counselor and educator, underscored the significance of parents consistently providing support to their children throughout their entire school experience, extending beyond the early years.

Airall elaborated that in the initial stages of preschool, parents radiate with pride as they send their little ones off to school, eagerly awaiting details of their day, including whether there were tears or laughter.

However, she noted that as children grow older and gain more independence, parental interest often diminishes.

Nonetheless, maintaining a certain level of parental involvement remains crucial, as it nurtures a sense of achievement and bolsters the child’s self-esteem.

Airall emphasized that children are at a developmental phase where fostering independence is essential, yet they still require parental support and encouragement.

Abandoning a proactive role in tasks like homework supervision, after previously being deeply involved, can have a negative impact on the child’s mindset.

Airall further emphasized that while her department offers support to address the emotional well-being of children in need, it’s imperative for parents to complement this assistance by fostering a supportive environment at home.


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