Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Shabazz remains hospitalized after altercation with police

Rashawn “Turtle” Shabazz

Rashawn “Turtle” Shabazz remains hospitalized after he was shot by police officers during an altercation on Thursday afternoon.

Superintendent of Prison Colonel Trevor Pennyfeather confirmed that the man was released from prison a few days ago

According to reports from eyewitnesses, Shabazz was causing a disturbance near the Perry Bay Supermarket yesterday throwing stones at bystanders. Some witnesses say he was also brandishing a long knife.

Reports are that when lawmen tried to intervene, Shabazz became violent and attacked an office. He was then shot with rubber bullets to subdue him but that did not work

It is alleged that police may have had to resort to using live rounds to subdue him. Our newsroom cannot confirm this allegation.

The man is reportedly suffering from mental issues.


  1. Mae

    Another mental person was released from prison on the street for time served. Shouldn’t this or these young men be house at the mental institution instead of prison? Prison is messing up our young men, especially those that are carcerate for petty crimes. Our young men who are sentenced to prison for petty crimes like marijuana convictions are being rape constantly at the prison. That alone will messes with them mentally. Proper rehabilitation programs or systems need to put in place at the prison to help our young men. I am one who don’t believe that our young men should be sentenced to prison for marijuana possession. They should get community service as a punishment instead. Remember our Prime Minister has a marijuana farm and we don’t know how much of that marijuana are being sold on the streets of Antigua today by our youth.

    • Mmmmmm

      I saw this man couples days ago with the knife opposite perrybay I got scare cause he was coming towards me and and cursing

  2. Anonymous

    They shot him then he defended himself I was right there a so Antigua police lie


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