Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Shabazz Released from Hospital and Admitted to Clarevue

Rashawn “Turtle” Shabazz

After spending 17 days at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center Rashawn ‘Turtle’ Shabazz has finally been released from the hospital

Shabazz was shot by police on August 31 which resulted in the loss of one of his kidneys

Shabazz had been released from His Majesty’s Prison three days prior to the incident.

According to reports from eyewitnesses, Shabazz was causing a disturbance near the Perry Bay Supermarket yesterday throwing stones at bystanders. Some witnesses say he was also brandishing a long knife.

Police then shot Shabazz to subdue him

Shabazz has now been admitted into the Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital for treatment as he suffers from schizoaffective disorder.


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