Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Students encouraged to query their grades within the next few weeks

By Zaya Williams

Students who are concerned about the grade they received in the 2023 Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) Examinations are being encouraged to inquire about their grades in the coming weeks.

CXC Registrar Myrick Smith has conveyed that students with concerns will have approximately three weeks to initiate their inquiries. However, he was unable to provide a specific, official deadline.

Smith simply urged students who have encountered issues such as receiving an “Absent” despite having been present for an exam, an “Ungraded” (indicating the absence of submitted materials like an SBA, multiple-choice paper, or supporting documents), or have questions about their assigned grades to submit their inquiries through their respective schools.

In the meantime, Director of Education Clare Browne underscores that querying a grade can result in one of two possible outcomes.

“We just know that every student has the right to query. Now when you query a subject at CXC your mark can either go up, remain the same or it could come down,” he said.

Script reviews are the only queries that carry a cost. Students will have to pay USD 30 for this service.


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