Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

UWI Five Islands Campus to launch innovative Bachelor’s program in Generative Pharmacy

By Zaya Williams

The University of the West Indies (UWI) Five Islands Campus hopes to introduce a groundbreaking Bachelor’s program in Generative Pharmacy. This forward-thinking program aims to address the pressing shortage of pharmacists in the country.

Dr. Curtis Charles, the Director of Academic Affairs at UWI Five Islands, underscores the urgency of this initiative. He points out that only 25 percent of pharmacists in the nation currently hold the essential first degree, and an alarming proportion of them are non-native to the country.

He states, “When you consider the language differences and cultural disparities involved when non-native professionals dispense drugs to patients and communicate with them, these factors become critical.” Delving further into the program’s details, Dr. Charles elucidates its primary focus—educating individuals in cutting-edge approaches to drug development harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

He elaborates, “It is using Artificial intelligence and generative learning to create new drugs and more precision medication for patients.” Furthermore, Dr. Charles highlights the transformative potential of this degree program. Graduates will possess the expertise to utilize traditional medicine and substances like marijuana to formulate new drugs customized to an individual’s unique biological system.

The introduction of the Bachelor’s program in Generative Pharmacy at UWI Five Islands Campus represents a significant stride towards addressing critical healthcare needs while fostering innovation and excellence in the field of pharmacy.


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