Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Two Ghost Guns Recovered in Antigua and Barbuda

Police officials in Antigua and Barbuda have announced that they are intensifying their surveillance efforts nationwide after discovering two “ghost guns.”

Such guns have recently been discovered in Trinidad and Tobago as well.

The authorities have acknowledged that tracing these weapons can be challenging, as they lack serial numbers and can be assembled from components purchased online.

Essential tools, such as a drill and screwdriver, can be used to construct a functioning firearm by following tutorials found on the internet.

The ghost guns are typically small arms of nine millimeters. They are made with components that can be imported without raising suspicion, such as barrels, trigger mechanisms, and receivers.

The authorities are finding it difficult to track and intercept the components of these homemade weapons.

Even law enforcement officers might fail to recognize a part of a ghost gun without proper knowledge.

These parts can be hidden in everyday items, like a tin of paint or detergent pods, and can pass through ports without being detected if not X-rayed.

The deputy commissioner of police, Everton Jeffers, said that most parts and weapons originate from North American countries, including the United States, Venezuela, and Colombia.

He added that the proliferation of ghost guns is directly linked to the drug trade, which is a significant problem in the region.

The authorities have seized 35 firearms and 146 rounds of ammunition in Antigua and Barbuda this year alone.

However, they fear more of these weapons entering the country undetected.

They are urging the public to report any suspicious activity to help counter the proliferation of ghost guns.

Additionally, they hope for more joint exercises between local authorities and those in the United States to help combat the issue.

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