Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Couple faces serious charges after police reportedly discover 18lbs of cannabis

​By Zaya Williams


A married couple was reportedly found to possess 18 lbs. of cannabis in May this year and are now awaiting their committal hearing.

Pernod Samuel and his wife, Shonette Samuel, residents of Cashew Hill, are waiting for a magistrate to consider the evidence the prosecution intends to use and decide if there is enough to take the matter to trial.

The investigation into the couple began when the police received credible information regarding the alleged unlawful possession and trafficking of cannabis by the couple.

Acting upon this information, law enforcement obtained a search warrant for the couple’s residence in Cashew Hill.

On May 13, 2023, officers executed the search warrant. During the search, they reportedly discovered cannabis plants hanging from lines in the living room and more in bags in a room.

After confiscating and weighing the drugs at the police station, authorities determined that the total quantity amounted to 18 pounds of cannabis, with an estimated street value of $36,000.

As a result of the discovery, the couple was taken into custody and subsequently charged with multiple offenses. These charges include possession of cannabis, possession with intent to distribute, and drug trafficking.


  1. audley Phillip

    Just hope that when the time comes for trial, the evidence would be available for viewing. Mice have a way of chewing away at evidence that is to be submitted in court.

  2. White rabbit

    C’mon. Politicians have made away with murder.

    It’s ironic that cigarettes , rum are sold in shops. But God given weed that poor people try sell is illegal.

    We need to decriminalize weed. Fk the USA

  3. Fred

    Tings so hard and police till ah lockup herbman? Chups!


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