Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

UPP stays firm in pursuit of no-confidence motion against House Speaker

Opposition Leader Jamal Pringle

By Zaya Williams


The United Progressive Party (UPP) remains resolute in pursuing a motion of no confidence against Speaker of the House Sir Gerald Watt.

Leader of the UPP Jamale Pringle signaled his intent to initiate the motion in July, citing concerns about the Speaker’s recent conduct.

Accusations of political bias and perceived unfair treatment of Opposition Members of Parliament, particularly Asot Michael of St. Peter, who faced a three-sitting suspension on May 18, have fuelled the UPP’s determination to challenge the Speaker’s position.

Pringle disclosed that he refrained from introducing the motion during a previous parliamentary session due to the absence of most opposition MPs, alleging that government MPs hastily convened the session knowing that opposition members were on vacation.

He said the UPP’s mandate is to “bring fairness and to highlight the issues that are affecting our people,” so they will not allow “the speaker to derail our plans.”

“We are saying that the seemingly partisan speaker. Once that continues, we will move a motion of no confidence,” he added.

Furthermore, concerns surrounding Watt’s abilities stem from his prolonged refusal to acknowledge the resignation of former MP Kelvin “Shugy” Simon.

Just weeks later, just before a court hearing related to this issue, Sir Gerald acknowledged that the resignation had indeed been submitted in compliance with the Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda.

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  1. Bluddy Bloke

    I agree that a motion of no confidence should be done against the speaker. He’s too soft & sympathetic. Many of the opposition parliamentarians should be thrown out of parliament such as you Pringle who has been very disrespectful to the house & speaker. Shuggy should never get a second chance to be in parliament. He is very disrespectful to the PM & very deceitful.

    Mr. Speaker this may teach you a lesson…. when you sorry for magga dog, it will turn around and bite you


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