Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

The fencing for the new cemetery site will commence this week

Fencing work on the Tomlinson’s area designated for a new public cemetery will begin by the end of the week.

Health Minister Sir Molwyn Joseph made the announcement while addressing parliament to conclude discussions on the Public Health Amendment Act.

The amendment aims to allow the burial of human remains stored in local funeral homes that are unclaimed by their relatives. In response to inquiries about the progress of the new cemetery, Sir Molwyn stated that work would begin soon on the fence at Tomlinson’s site.

He confirmed that the team currently working at Cades Bay would complete that aspect of the work by the end of the week and then immediately move to begin work on the fence at the new cemetery.

Sir Molwyn also stated that part of the fence would use chain-wire fencing material. He went on to say that within the next sixty days, the site would be prepared for burial.

The decision was made to create an area for immediate use with the expectation that the master development plan for the area would be executed gradually.

 “We are partitioning a segment of the region for immediate use for burial. This move will alleviate the pressure on the community and public burial sites,” noted Sir Molwyn.

The Health Minister also stated that the amendment would allow funeral homes, with the approval of the Chief Health Inspector, to bury unclaimed corpses.

Sir Molwyn emphasized that families often refuse to claim their dead, and the amendment aims to address this problem.

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