Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Dwayne George distributes fans to schools in St. Mary’s South

Three schools located in the St. Mary’s South constituency have received electric fans to help them cope with the heat waves that have been affecting the country over the past few weeks.

The presentation ceremony began at the St. Mary’s School for Excellence in Bolans, where the principal, Casey Phillip, received 20 fans from Senator George.

Phillip expressed gratitude for the goodwill gesture, noting that the fans arrived just in time for the current heat wave which has been making it difficult for students and teachers to concentrate.

Senator George explained that he firmly believes that students learn better in a comfortable environment that is conducive to learning, and the donation of electrical fans will go a long way to alleviate the heat, making it easier for students to concentrate.

12 fans each were donated to the S.R Olivia David Primary School (formerly Bolans Primary) and the Urlings Primary School. Charlie Byers received the fans on behalf of principal, Joycelyn James, at S.R Olivia David, while principal Denese Parker accepted the fans at Urlings Primary.

Senator George also mentioned that there will come a time when the fans will need to be replaced with air conditioning units.

He assured his willingness to assist where possible with that upgrade.


  1. Dwayne pass student

    Dem fans he donate loud nf u mean y’all couldn’t get some lasco fans it’s hard to hear over those Syrian fans

  2. Anonymous

    Some AC units would have been much much better.

  3. Anonymous National

    Bribing for votes? Hahaha


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