Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Two primary schools in the south benefit from donated tablets

Antigua Agronomics’ principals joined hands with Senator Dwayne George, the declared candidate for the St. Mary’s South by-election from the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party, to donate tablets to two primary schools in the southern part of the country.

The schools that benefited from this donation were Urlings Primary School and the S.R Olivia David Primary School, formerly the Bolans Primary School.

At Urlings Primary School, Teacher Jacqueline Bachelor received fifteen tablets on behalf of the principal and the school.

Senator George said that the tablets would be used to set up a resource center where the students could carry out research for their school projects.

He added that technology is the tool being used today, and they were creating this technology center to help the students in their growth and development, which would lead to the country’s growth and development.

After the presentation at Urlings, Senator George and Antigua Agronomics’ team traveled to Bolans Primary School, where a similar presentation was made.
Senator George was delighted to be giving back to the school where he was once a student.

He emphasized that education is the key to success and that investing in education would ensure a bright future for the youth and the country.

The fifteen tablets being donated would help extend the community learning center that already exists at the school.

Dwight Ateba Henry, the Director of Antigua Agronomics, was also proud to be part of the presentation.

As a former student of the school, he noted that the company sees itself as a responsible corporate citizen that was pleased to donate to the school.

Earlier in the year, Antigua Agronomics had presented home and away sets of uniforms to the school’s football team. At the presentation, several players were present, dressed in their uniforms.

Joycelyn James, the Principal of the S.R. Olivia David Primary School, expressed her gratitude to Senator George and Antigua Agronomics for making the timely donation to the school.


  1. Hallelujah Amen

    Mr prime minister spending.
    Give me some to nah🤔

    • Mae

      All the schools in Antigua and Barbuda need furniture.


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