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Editorial Staff

Education Minister reaffirms commitment to addressing accessibility issues, prioritizing wheelchair users

​By Zaya Williams


The education minister has recently reiterated the government’s unwavering commitment to addressing accessibility concerns, particularly for students who use wheelchairs.

The government has taken steps towards this goal by building a new classroom block at Golden Grove Primary School to alleviate overcrowding.

The head of the Antigua and Barbuda Association for Persons with Disabilities, Bernard Warner, raised queries regarding accessibility challenges, which the Minister of Education, Daryll Matthew, affirmed would remain a top priority for the government in the foreseeable future.

In terms of accommodations for individuals with disabilities in recent construction projects, Minister Matthew explained that the ABICE facility includes an elevator to ensure that individuals with different abilities can access upper floors.

Ramps have been constructed for the first floor of Golden Grove school, while the second floor is set to be built during the summer vacation.

Not all schools will be equipped with elevators, but they will be equipped with various amenities to guarantee that students with disabilities, including those using wheelchairs, can access upper floors.

Minister Matthew also highlighted that the Five Islands Primary School has been designed to take into consideration individuals with disabilities, demonstrating the government’s ongoing commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.

“We intend to continue doing this going forward,” he declared confidently.


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