Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Corporal questioned about missing equipment found on his property.

A police corporal has landed in trouble after some stolen items were found on his premises and on a vacant property adjacent to his home.

The stolen items, which consist of tractor extensions, a banker, a digger, and a plough, were reported missing by the corporal’s uncle, who is the owner of a plantation located in Bethesda, according to reports in Real News.

The thefts occurred between March and September 26. The uncle had been missing the extensions for quite some time, but on September 26, he allegedly saw the stolen items on his nephew’s Christian Hill property.

The banker was attached to the rear of a red-and-white tractor on the eastern driveway of the alleged offender’s property, while the digger and the plough were found on a vacant plot east of the corporal’s home.

Upon receiving the report, the investigating officers tried to contact the corporal, but without success.

Later on, a search warrant was obtained, and the police found the banker, digger, and plough in the corporal’s home, in his presence. It is currently unknown whether the officer has been detained for questioning.


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