Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Family drama: Man steals from sister, another beats his father

By Zaya Williams


A man was convicted of stealing from his sister earlier this week and now has to compensate her for the items which he claims were stolen.

Sometime between May 10 and 18, Jefel George is said to stolen a 40-inch TV worth $2500 and a tablet that costs $250-both belonging to his sister.

The woman had left the items at her father’s residence in Potters where George resided sometime in February but when she went to the home on May 18, she discovered that they were gone.

She spoke to her brother about her findings and then reported the matter to the police as a result of the conversation.

In court, George claimed that he was locked up and when released he noticed that the items were gone.

He was still ordered to compensate his sister for the total sum of the items, $2750 by July 31 or he could be imprisoned for six months.

Says he was locked up and when he came back, they were missing.

Meanwhile, on the same day, Renee Carbon Jnr was sent to prison for 2 months for beating his father.

The defendant went to his father’s home on July 4 to visit his child’s mother and his child and got too comfortable despite the tumultuous relationship he had with his dad.

He was asked to leave and grew angry and hit his father with a metal cup.

The incident was not taken lightly by the Magistrate so the defendant was sent to prison.


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