Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

A man previously wanted said to have attempted to flee the country

By Zaya Williams


A Guyanese man, previously identified as having a propensity to flee, lived up to that reputation by making an attempt to escape the country in order to avoid facing legal repercussions. This action led to the cancellation of his bail.

Delon Wills, aged 35, had been sought by law enforcement authorities for various crimes and was on bail for an aggravated robbery last year. His bail conditions included surrendering his travel documents and regular check-ins at a local police station.

However, recent reports revealed that Wills failed to adhere to these conditions by neglecting to sign in as required.

Furthermore, he acquired a new passport, seemingly to leave the country and return to his homeland, Guyana.

Unbeknownst to Wills, authorities had issued an order preventing him from traveling, resulting in a wanted bulletin on September 21. This action was taken because Wills was wanted in connection with various serious offenses, not limited to robbery. He was suspected of committing multiple counts of fraud and housebreaking.

The day following the issuance of the wanted bulletin, Wills surrendered to the police through his legal representative. Consequently, his bail was revoked, and he now finds himself in custody at His Majesty’s Prison.

Meanwhile, Wills is reported to be cooperating with the police in another investigation. A woman had reported that her home was unlawfully entered, and her checkbook was stolen on September 12.

Reports indicate that nine of the stolen checks were cashed at different gas stations, totaling nearly $30,000. It is suspected that the person responsible for the theft distributed these checks to three separate individuals, instructing them to cash them.

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  1. Anonymous

    I wish they would also put up Antiguans pictures as well when they’re criminals. We need to see all the criminals faces, not only the foreigners name and faces but Antiguans names and faces as well.


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