Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

PM hints at Dwayne George’s potential finance ministry appointment.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne addressing crowd at a rally on Saturday. (Photo by Wayne Mariette)

By Zaya Williams


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has suggested that Dwayne George could be appointed to the Ministry of Finance if he secures victory in the upcoming October 24 by-election.

Prime Minister Browne announced this during a Labour Party whistle-stop event on Saturday night.

In his address, Prime Minister Browne said, “Comrade Dwayne George, you are earmarked to serve in the Ministry of Finance, but I say tonight that you must win the seat. This is the incentive I give to every candidate. If you want to serve in my administration, in my government, you must win your seat.”

Browne also announced the date for the by-election that night and now residents of St. Mary’s South are gearing up to cast their votes.

George’s competitors include Andrew Antonio, who will also contest for the Democratic National Alliance, and Nigel Bascus, the leader of the Missing Link-Voice of the People. George’s primary rival, however, is Kelvin Shugy Simon, representing the United Progressive Party.

Simon had previously held the seat, narrowly defeating the former MP by fewer than 200 votes in the January 18 polls.

Simon resigned when the government initiated legal action to challenge his eligibility for the position, citing his failure to resign as a civil servant before nomination day, as required.

Simon’s resignation was a proactive measure to avoid a protracted legal dispute that could have hindered his duties as MP for the constituency.

This resignation consequently triggered the need for a by-election to fill the parliamentary vacancy.

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