Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Second health screening drive in Bolans Successful

The Bolans community in St Mary’s South held its second health screening drive on Saturday, an initiative that was spearheaded by the UPP’s caretaker.

The drive took place at the Bolans Primary School and provided much-needed medical and social support to residents who couldn’t afford healthcare or didn’t have a primary care physician.

A team of volunteer healthcare professionals made the initiative possible, and residents of all ages had the opportunity to check their blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), and diabetes risk.

Those who needed follow-up care were referred to appropriate medical professionals. In addition to medical care, residents were also surveyed about non-medical needs such as diet and exercise that can affect their health.

According to Simon, the poor access to healthcare services in St. Mary’s South was his primary motivation for launching this community initiative.

He believes that investing in the health of the community is an investment in the future. The health screening program was a rousing success, and Simon intends to make it an annual initiative.

Simon also recognizes the need for more public health education in the community.

He plans to host a community health seminar that will increase awareness about how healthy lifestyle choices can lead to better health, wellness, and prevention.

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  1. Anonymous

    Leadership we can trust Kelvin Simon all the way for st.marys south…


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