Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Man faces significant fines for drug, firearm, and ammunition offenses

By Zya Williams


Terrence Williams Jr. has been handed a substantial fine after admitting to possessing a significant quantity of drugs, a firearm, and ammunition.

This incident transpired on October 4, when Williams was found to possess 4 pounds of marijuana, a pistol, and 12 rounds of ammunition.

Williams Jr. appeared before Magistrate Dexter Wason yesterday, where he entered guilty pleas for the possession of drugs, possession with the intent to distribute marijuana, and possession of both the firearm and the ammunition.

The court imposed substantial fines, with $30,000 for the marijuana possession, a $10,000 fine related to the firearm, and an extra $6,000 fine for the ammunition charge.

He was caught with the items when offers officers were conducting mobile patrol duties and saw him running northward while carrying several bags.

In response, the police initiated a pursuit, which eventually led them to locate Williams Jr. in nearby bushes.

A subsequent search was conducted, revealing several plastic bags containing the controlled drug cannabis.

Furthermore, a thorough search uncovered a brown shoulder bag containing a black firearm.

The confiscated drugs amounted to 4 pounds, with an estimated value of $10,000.

A sum of EC and US dollars was also found.


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