Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Home of Nigel Bascus gutted by Fire

Early on Tuesday, the 4-bedroom home of political candidate Nigel ‘Missing Link’ Bascus was completely destroyed by fire.

Bascus, a fisherman, lost everything he owned in the blaze, including his GPS system and fishing gear, as well as his vehicle.

Firefighters arrived at the scene quickly and disconnected the electricity before extinguishing the flames, but the structure was already burned to the ground.

Bascus, who had failed in his bid to be nominated for election in the St. Mary’s South constituency the day before, had left his home 20 minutes before the fire broke out.

He said on nomination day that unnamed persons were trying to sabotage his political career..

He was heard on the radio saying that those who had intended to accompany him to get nominated backed out at the last minute because they were “afraid”

He stated that the house was uninsured.


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