Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Pringle suggests MP resignations for constituency spending.

Leader of the UPP Jamal Pringle.

Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle has suggested that United Progressive Party MPs may consider a high-risk political strategy of increasing government spending in their constituencies.

Pringle stated that the Opposition had noted the recent heavy spending on projects in the St. Mary’s South area, where the Labour Party-led government was trying to boost the visibility of its candidate, Dwayne George, ahead of the October 24 by-election.

Pringle in an interview aired on local radio station Observer, claimed that UPP executives had discussed various neglected constituencies across Antigua and concluded that triggering by-elections could be a possibility.

Pringle revealed that the UPP had identified several constituencies where the government had neglected to address issues like fixing roads and providing other essential services, and triggering by-elections could be a way to draw attention to these issues.

He stated that UPP MPs were elected to serve the people, and they will do whatever it takes to give them the representation they deserve.

Pringle referenced his own constituency, saying that the government had neglected it since coming to power in 2014, and that the situation had worsened since then.

He criticized the government for behaving like the funds were theirs, while the people living in those areas did not contribute to the tax regime in the country.

Simon’s resignation as St. Mary’s South MP came amid an election petition questioning his eligibility.

Simon said he would rather constituents determine their political representative, not the courts.

Pringle said the UPP would assess various constituencies to determine which ones are affected the worst and initiate a resignation policy there.

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  1. Anonymous

    What a buffoonery? Here you have a good fu nothing Politrickian opposes everything a government proposes to uplift the less fortunate people and then turn around blame the same government for not doing anything. Why does people continue to follow these misleaders liars? Oops I forgot they are taking their blind followers to be fools.


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