Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

WIOC bids farewell to Larry Gonsalves

After serving the WIOC Friar’s Hill Road service station for over 44 years, Larry Gonsalves has bid farewell to his colleagues.

West Indies Oil Company held a social event on Thursday to show their appreciation for Gonsalves, his staff, and his family for their outstanding work over the past 44 years.

WIOC Chief Executive Officer Gregory Georges expressed his gratitude towards Gonsalves and all that he has done for his customers and the industry for almost five decades.

He also expressed appreciation to Gonsalves for the staff members that he developed and trained, as well as the administrative staff for the role they played over the years.

Georges singled out Gonsalves’ wife, Jonette, noting that she has been a strong support system for him during his time at the service station.

When asked about the recent legal issues between the company and Gonsalves, Georges indicated that all is well between the two.

“The relationship has always been excellent. However, towards the end, there was some friction, but I am happy to report that all that is behind us, and as Shakespeare said, ‘all’s well that ends well.’

The Friar’s Hill service station will officially return to WIOC on October 16. However, Georges did not provide any information about the company’s plans for the station.


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