Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Water rationing eased for most; full relaxation soon.

By Zya Williams 


As previously announced, the widespread water rationing schedule in Antigua and Barbuda is being relaxed, providing much-needed relief to the community.

Providing an update on the situation, Ian Lewis, the Manager of the Water Business Unit at the Antigua Public Utilities Authority, informed Observer media that roughly 60 percent of the population is currently experiencing relief.

“The water conservation schedule has been relaxed for about 60 percent of our customers and those would be the customers fed by the reverse osmosis plant. For the other 40 percent, which means those customers who will be fed from water coming out of the Delapps water treatment plant, we expect that schedule to be relaxed even over the coming weekend or very early next week,” he said.

The improvement in water availability can be credited to Tropical Storm Phillipe, which struck the region at the beginning of October.

The substantial downpour -which brought over 8 inches of rain-has significantly bolstered the water levels in numerous dams and reservoirs throughout the islands.

Ian Lewis also conveyed the possibility that the current water rationing schedule may be put on hold for several months.

This is welcome news for communities supplied by the Bendals water treatment plant, such as Golden Grove, Bendals, Bathlodge, Cashew Hill, Gray’s Hill, and Dseouza Road, as they can expect a reliable water supply for the next 24 weeks, Lewis revealed.

Similarly, areas linked to the Delapps Plant, including All Saints, Swetes, Buckleys, Liberta, Freetown, and Bethesda, can anticipate water availability for approximately four months, providing substantial relief to residents who have been enduring water supply challenges.


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