Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Antigua makes waves in the West Indies! JCI West Indies National Convention 2023

The 2023 JCI West Indies National Convention was a major success, with over 200 participants from across the region coming together to give back, serve, and lead.

The event, held in Antigua from October 11-14, was centered around the theme “Embracing Unity in Beautiful Wadadli,” and provided a platform for engagement, interaction, and participation in training sessions, collaborative problem-solving, and the election of a new executive board.

The convention’s highlights included the opening ceremony, awards ceremony, debating and public speaking competitions, a heritage and cultural exhibition, and the election of the new executive council.

JCI Antigua stood out during the awards ceremony, receiving multiple awards and certificates of participation in various events.

Notably, Antigua received awards for “Largest Delegation” and commendations for “Growth Retention & Engagement,” “Disaster Risk Management,” “Skills & Membership Development,” and recognition for the new flag concept and design by Collet Gordon, created by Avada Media.

The awards ceremony also acknowledged JCI Antigua’s outstanding individuals and programs, including “Most Outstanding Local President,” “Most Outstanding Local Organization,” “Most Outstanding New Member,” “Best Local Community Impact Program,” and “Best Local Entrepreneurship Program.”

Furthermore, JCI Antigua was honored with the “Building Bridges Impacting Humanity Award” for “Reinforcement” and “Resilience,” as well as recognitions for the “Most Supportive Board Officer” and “Most Efficient Board Officer.”

Senator Shenella Govia also secured the awards for “Most Outstanding Local Senator” and “Most Outstanding Senator.”

A major accomplishment during the convention was the election of Antigua’s own Leycia Samuels as the 2024 Executive Vice President of JCI West Indies. These achievements are a source of immense pride for both the chapter and the entire organization.


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